The Crane Theater is a home for new collaboratively created theater in the Twin Cities. A place where the artists in our community go to build work for our community and beyond. A place where theater lovers can go to see the best work created here, by local artists, for them. A place of learning, helping, sharing.

Located in NE Minneapolis, The Crane is situated at 2303 Kennedy St. NE, just a block off Stinson between Hennepin and Broadway Avenues.

With nearly 30’ ceilings, this 7000 square foot space contains exactly what we need to create theater- wide open space. It features a gorgeous brick exterior, and striking industrial interior that fits the theme of new work well- this is a place where things are made.

Built in 1922, the Kennedy building was originally a Westinghouse factory. Here they manufactured lamps, small appliances, and passenger elevators. Our section was a 1953 addition, and features a 5 ton gantry crane that is the fixture of our new lobby.

We have a good relationship with our new landlords, who want to build a long-term relationship with a quality anchor tenant. Our 10-year lease in this building includes options for renewal and right of first refusal to all first floor space. The space has a new roof, and the landlord will be installing new HVAC units to meet our specifications.

The Crane is much more than a theater.  Its a home for new theater, and the peope who make it and enjoy it.

Production Previews

11/09/2019 to 11/24/2019

Fearing the unthinkable, a family flees into the wilderness. Fifty years later, park rangers Callie and David stumble across an unbelievable discovery.

While on a survey expedition, they encounter Vira, a woman born and raised in nearly complete isolation. Over the course of several days...

11/14/2019 to 11/23/2019

Between the end of the Civil War and 1964, the South was a stronghold of the Democratic Party. With the rise of the civil rights movement, white racial resentment flared—and our political parties shifted. The once-solid South cracked when Republican Barry Goldwater (who opposed the Civil Rights...

11/15/2019 to 11/24/2019

Less than a year after the Civil War’s end, Clara Barton—a nurse and humanitarian known as the "Angel of the Battlefield"—testified to Congress about her experiences in the postwar South. Her work brought her to the Andersonville prisoner-of-war camp, where Union soldiers had died by the...